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Getting Started

Smiling Pos is a web-based Cash register system that helps both retailers and customers combine the experience in the store with the possibilities on the Internet. Smiling Pos gives your business the opportunity to use multiple cash registers from different locations and control one or more departments and stores, regardless of lacquer.

Smiling Pos offers both customers and business owners a unique overall experience whether the trade is done online or in the physical store in Denmark or China, because the cash register system integrates and synchronizes all cloud sales channels around one total customer experience in real time and all departments are talking together in a system '.

Smiling Pos Cash registers   Cash terminals Park the bill - Split() Bills:
You can associate an unlimited number of terminals And you can " save " a voucher on one Table/ room In a cash register terminal And retrieve it On another, Or you can " save " everything to one room in your hotel And get a total bill on departure.

The gift that should never be exchanged

Smiling Pos offers the perfect gift idea.
It can often be difficult to find the right gift for him or her her who has everything. With Smiling Pos gift cards you never go wrong 'in the city'. And you are sure to create joy and enthusiasm.

The gift certificate works just like a Creditcard. The amount must be min. be on 100, - and it can be used & nbsp; one or more times. gift card is written down by the amount purchased for, and the rest can be used later.  

You can always get your balance at the Smiling Pos stores.

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Smiling Kasseapparater detailsystemer Stregkoder barcode system

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Fully integrated

Therefore, the cash register must be in the cloud
We live in a global community we travel to distant destinations and the retail trade is developing mainly to pass chain stores or large units with multiple compartments. Smiling Pos allows you to log in to your cash register in any department - city or country, Also when you enjoy your drinks in Hawaii during the holidays. - It also means you quickly see which department may have a " supply item " in stock. from another business?

You can start with a cash register on your I-pad or PC (Mother terminal), Do you think the system is completely OK and you expand your business, you can connect endless terminals on, see photo how you can "build." Your systems .

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Smiling pos Kasseapparater detailsystemer Stregkoder barcode system

Restaurant In and Outdoor

Tableside Ordering and Payment
One of the best ways to increase engagement with guests is to arm your wait staff with mobile devices such as iPads. With mobile devices, your wait staff can enter food and drink orders directly into the POS system from the table. This reduces the potential for errors that occur between hand-written tickets and data entry into the POS. It also results in guests getting their orders faster since the order is sent directly to the kitchen printers from the table. Additionally, this increased speed and added efficiencies result in higher table turnovers, enabling you to serve more guests. There’s another benefit to using iPads for order entry: iPads and other modern-looking POS devices will give your restaurant an upscale and modern appeal many guests appreciate today.

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Smiling Kasseapparater detailsystemer Stregkoder barcode system

Ordering oneline

Our Tailor-made service online ordering software is loaded with all in-demand features. We provide flexible price package for online delivery system. We build this customized solution in native Android and iOS platform along with Database support with MongoDB and Back-end printserver support with Java aplet.

Our online ordering solution works perfectly for each size of delivery service business with features like multistore accessibility at single place.

Smiling Pos Offer online ordering system for your supermarket or any kind of order delivery and takeaway service business. In Recent time many, grocery, courier etc. kind of ordering, delivery and takeaway service business are emerging and also a flourishing example of success. Every supply chain, Supermarket, and delivery service shop owner wish to create their online demand ordering and delivery system. For that, we offer Mobile based Online Ordering System.

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Smiling Kasseapparater detailsystemer Stregkoder barcode system

Use on I-Phone and mobile devices:
You can have endless terminals and each terminal you create has one number, All terminals play together in your company's network. Let's say you have a larger Restaurant with multiple departments, Bar - Casino - Nightclub and great outdoor seating.

For each serving room, create at least one MOTHER terminal, to which can be linked many Child   terminals (i-phones) that all refer to MOTHER   terminal.

The only difference there is and the reason we call them MOTHER and Satellite   is to Child   terminals send data and prints to the same PPRINTSERVER associated with MOTHER terminal. (kitchen counters, etc. are printed in the same way and for the same kitchen as from   MOTHER terminal)

That means you can create a Child   terminal on your I-Phone or an I-pad and attach it to the MOTHER terminal of it dining room serving the outdoor seating and you can serve the customers from your I-Phone, send orders to the kitchen, settle and receive payment via Mobile-Pay.

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24/7 Danisk and US-based customer support and software upgrades included in all packages.